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Beste Schweißergebnisse durch innovative Faserlaser

September 2018   /   Produktion

Diverse Lasers Support Key Microelectronic Packaging Tasks

July 2018   /   NovusLight

Lasers for Micromachining: Shorter Pulses, More Power

July 2018   /   Industrial Photonics

Minimalabtrag mit dem Ultrakurzpuls-Laser möglich

June 2018   /   Medizin & Technik

Novel Laser Power Sensor Technology for Process Control

May 2018   /   Photonics & Imaging Technology

Smarter Lens Marking with the 193 nm Excimer Laser

May 2018   /   Commercial Micro Manufacturing International

Laser treatment of CFRP composite materials (German)

May 2018   /   Materials Research

The next potential application of fiber lasers in automotive

May 2018   /   Of Week

Fiber laser enables successful welding of difficult materials

April 2018   /   Industrial Laser Solutions

Excimer Laser Applications for Diversified Development Trends

April 2018   /   Laser Focus World China

Laservorbehandlung von CFK-Verbundmaterialien

March 2018   /   EU Dialog

Ultrashort Pulse Lasers Deliver Cleaner Cuts for Semiconductor Packaging

March 2018   /   CMM International

Advancing laser-based solutions for medical device manufacturing

March 2018   /   CMM International

Ytterbium Fiber Amplifiers Set the Mark for Speed and Power

March 2018   /   Photonics Media

Successful with Excimer Laser Solutions

February 2018   /   Laser Technologie Forum

Picosecond lasers perform subsurface marking of stainless steel medical devices

February 2018   /   Laser Focus World

Erfolgreich durch Excimerlaser-Lösungen

February 2018   /   Laser Technologie Forum

Keep your laser-diode system cool

January 2018   /   Laser Focus World

Femtosecond Lasers Extend Glass Cleaving to Mixed Materials

January 2018   /   NovusLight

Excimer laser - 40 never looked better

November 2017   /   Laser Focus World

Pump laser diodes deliver high power for leading-edge applications

November 2017   /   Laser Focus World

Castolin Success Story (German)

November 2017   /   EU BBR 2017

Aluminum Optics Meet Short-Wavelength Application Requirements

October 2017   /   Laser Focus World

In the Oil Industry, Lasers Make the Cut

October 2017   /   Industrial Photonics

USP Laser Black Marking (German)

October 2017   /   Mikroproduktion

Improvements in Organic & Printed Electronics Enabled by Ultra-Short Pulse Lasers (Japanese)

October 2017   /   Industrial Laser Solutions Japan

Lasers Improve Display Glass Cutting

October 2017   /   Information Display

Laser marking meets diverse challenges in fab and packaging

September 2017   /   Solid State Technology

Ultra-Short Pulse Laser Ablation Aids Organic and Printed Electronics Production (Chinese)

September 2017   /   Coherent China

Ultra-Short Pulse Lasers Enable Precision Flexible OLED Cutting

July 2017   /   Lasers Technology

Ultra-fast Laser Processing

July 2017   /   OPE Journal

Configuring a 3D Triangulation Vision System

July 2017   /   Industrial Photonics

Semiconductor Lasers Power Up

July 2017   /   Photonics Spectra

Making Laser Weapons a Reality

June 2017   /   Aerospace & Defense Technology

Fiber Laser Welding Cuts Costs & Improves Results

June 2017   /   EuroPhotonics

Flexible Display Manufacturing (Chinese)

March 2017   /   ILS China

Silicon annealing enables advanced displays

February 2017   /   Industrial Laser Solutions

Ultra Short Lasers for Material Processing (German)

January 2017   /   Laser

For Glass and Silicon Wafer Cutting, Shorter Pulse Widths Yield Better Results

January 2017   /   Industrial Photonics

Improving and Quantifying the Process Window

January 2017   /   Laser Technik Journal

Improving and Quantifying the Process Window

January 2017   /   Laser Technik Journal

Great Strides in Optical Fabrication

October 2016   /   Photonics Spectra

Testing the Limits of Excimer Lasers: Annealing for Advanced Displays

September 2016   /   Photonics Spectra

Fabricating the Flexible Future

May 2016   /   Optik & Photonik

From Glass to Polymer

April 2016   /   OE-A News

An Introduction to Laser Process Qualification

April 2016   /   Photonics Media

Manufacturers Unite to Create Submicron Precision

April 2016   /   Photonics Media

Ultrafast Lasers Enable Unique Marking Effects

April 2016   /   Laser Marking

Fiber Laser Improves Cladding & Additive Manufacturing

March 2016   /   Industrial Laser Solutions

CO Lasers from Lab to Fab

March 2016   /   Laser Journal

Picosecond Lasers Enable Novel Marking Techniques

March 2016   /   ILS

Fiber Bragg Grating Fabrication System is Automated

February 2016   /   Laser Focus World

Laser Cladding Strengthens Industrial Components

February 2016   /   Novus Light Technologies Today

Modular Laser Triangulation Enables 3D Vision Applications

February 2016   /   Inspect

Unique Marking of Metals and Glass Using Picosecond Lasers

January 2016   /   Novus Light Technologies Today

Higher Precision Industrial Ultrafast Lasers

January 2016   /   Laser Photonics

Cladding With High-Power Diode Lasers

December 2015   /   Europhotonics

Precision Laser Marking

November 2015   /   Industrial Laser Solutions

Coherent Taipan Lasers Bring the European Games Opening Ceremony to Life

November 2015   /   Mondo

As Vias Shrink, Opportunities for Laser Drilling Expand

November 2015   /   The PCB Magazine

Advanced Circuit Packaging with Excimer Lasers

October 2015   /   Industrial Laser Solutions

Advanced Circuit Packaging with Excimer Lasers

October 2015   /   Industrial Laser Solutions

New CO Laser Technology Offers Processing Benefits

September 2015   /   Photonics Spectra

Laser Power Measurement: Time is Money

August 2015   /   Industrial Laser Solutions

3D Machine Vision Using Laser Triangulation

August 2015   /   NASA Tech Briefs

Microelectronics Packaging - As Features Get Smaller, the Role for Lasers Get Larger

August 2015   /   Commercial Micro Manufacturing International

Carbon Monoxide Laser Aims at High-Power Applicaitons

July 2015   /   Laser Focus World

Laser Cutting Tool Empowers the Maker Movement

June 2015   /   Novus Light Technologies Today

Lasers Enable Rapid Cutting of Stainless Steel and Much More

June 2015   /   Coherent Article

New CO Laser Offers High-Power, 5-6 um Output

June 2015   /   Industrial Laser Solutions

Makers Leverage Innovative Laser Technology

June 2015   /   Product Design and Development

Understanding Laser-based 3D Triangulation Methods

June 2015   /   Vision Systems Design

Femtosecond Pulses: Control is Key to New Discoveries

May 2015   /   Biophotonics

Diode Arrays are Compact, High-Power Light Dynamos

January 2015   /   Laser Focus World

CO2 Laser Machine Tools Speed Sign Cutting

January 2015   /   Industrial Photonics

Laser Machine Vision Enables Automotive Inspection

November 2014   /   Novus Light Technologies Today

Shorter Pulse Widths Improve Micromachining

October 2014   /   Photonics Spectra

Short-Pulse Lasers Enable Transparent Materials Processing

October 2014   /   Industrial Photonics

High Value Marking Applications

September 2014   /   The Laser User

The Future of Laser Technology

August 2014   /   FAB Shop Direct

Miniaturized Cutting and Drilling using Picosecond Lasers

July 2014   /   Qmed

Lasers Power Improved Materials Processing

July 2014   /   Industrial Photonics

Coherent Taipan Lasers Create Magic Sphere at Summer Universidade's Opening Ceremony

July 2014   /   Mondo

Laser Drilling of High-Density Through Glass Vias (TGVs) for 2.5D and 3D Packaging

July 2014   /   Korean Microelectronics and Packaging Safety

Novel Laser Power Sensor Improves Process Control

July 2014   /   Photonics Spectra

Using Forensic Lasers in Modern Warfare

June 2014   /   Aerospace and Defense Technology

Sowing Seeds for Smarter Screens

June 2014   /   Future Electronics

Laser Diodes (almost) Encompass the Entire Visible Spectrum

May 2014   /   Laser Focus World

Large Area Laser Lift-Off Processing in Microelectronics

May 2014   /   The Laser User

Next-generation Laser Structuring Method for Higher Density Packages

May 2014   /   Chip Scale Review

Laser Lift-off Systems for Flexible Display Production

April 2014   /   Journal of Information Display

Market Growing for Laser-Based Machine Vision Technologies

April 2014   /   Photonics Spectra

High Value Laser Marking

April 2014   /   Novus Light Technologies Today

3D Vision Options Drive Machine Vision Growth

April 2014   /   AIA Vision Online

OPSL Rises to the Challenge of U.S. Army Forensic Work in Afghanistan

March 2014   /   Laser Focus World

Laser Lift-off: Reducing Device Heights in Microelectronics

March 2014   /   Photonik International

High Power Diode Laser Cladding

March 2014   /   Fabricating and Metalworking

Mental Force Multimedia Show

February 2014   /   Mondo

Excimer Lasers Clean CFRPs for Optimised Adhesive Bonding

February 2014   /   The Laser User

Laser Cleaning Composites Optimize Adhesive Bonding

February 2014   /   Industrial Laser Solutions

Forensic Lasers Meet Unique Challenges in Afghanistan and Stateside

January 2014   /   Forensic Magazine

Excimer Laser Technology Trends

January 2014   /   Journal of Physics

Broad Range of Lasers Makes Materials Processing Dynamic

January 2014   /   Industrial Photonics


如何为显微镜应用选择合适的激光器 (中文)

September 2018   /   Laser Focus World China

Mit stark wachsender Lasertechnologie zum Erfolg

August 2018   /   LASER Magazin

How to Choose a Laser for Microscopy

June 2018   /   Laser Focus World

Multimodal Endoscope Moves Closer to Real-Time Biopsy

June 2018   /   Laser Focus World

Laser solutions for medical components production

April 2018   /   Medtec Europe

Biomedical OEM Lasers Meet Trends in Therapeutics

February 2018   /   Photonics Media

Diode Lasers Enable Diverse Therapeutic Applications

December 2017   /   Optik & Photonik

Das Potenzial von Kohlenmonoxid-Lasern für die Mikrochirurgie

December 2017   /   BioPhotonik

Refractive Surgery with Excimers

November 2017   /   Optik & Photonik

Laser Fabricated Heart Valves Poised to Revolutionize Heart Surgery

September 2017   /   Novus Light

2 μm thulium fiber laser offers precision surgery promise

August 2017   /   Laser Focus World

Standardized multilaser modules enable comprehensive data sets in life sciences

August 2017   /   Laser Focus World

Life Sciences Evolving With Confocal Microscopy

July 2017   /   BioPhotonics

Complete laser solutions for microfluidic devices

July 2017   /   Medical Device Developments

Using UV light for medical device marking

July 2017   /   Medical Plastics News

Lasers for Microscopy: Major Trends

June 2017   /   Photonics Spectra

Tiefer schauen mit Drei-Photonen-Mikroskopie

January 2017   /   Biophotonik

Femtosecond Lasers - Excite Optogenetics

November 2016   /   Photonics Spectra

UV Laser Marking is Ideal for Medical Devices & Pharmaceuticals

July 2016   /   New Technologies

Unique Flow Cytometer with Huge Dynamic Range

June 2016   /   TechnoLab

Lasers for Microscopy: Major Trends

March 2016   /

Benchtop Flow Cytometers Support Expanding Base of Applications

January 2016   /   Laser Photonics

MPEF Microscopy Shines Best on Living Samples

October 2015   /   Biophotonics

OPSLs - Unique Benefits Driving Growth in the Life Sciences

October 2015   /   Biophotonics

Multiwavelength TIRF Microscopy Enables Insight into Actin Filaments

September 2015   /   Biophotonics

Multiwavelength TIRF Microscopy Enables Insight into Actin Filaments

September 2015   /   Biophotonics

Flexible Benchtop Cytometers Benefits

July 2015   /   TechnoLab

Lasers Meet Changing Demands of Biomedical Applications

January 2015   /   Laser Focus World

Laser Fluorescence Powers Sequencing Advances

January 2015   /   BioOptics World

Lasers vs. LED

June 2014   /   Laser + Photonik

Laser Combiner Enables Scanning Fluorescence Endoscopy

  /   Biophotonics


Quiet Lasers, Cool Science

August 2018   /   Photonics Spectra

Scientific Lasers Deliver Ease of Use, Greater Reliability

July 2018   /   EuroPhotonics

Fluorescence Microscopy Unravels Morphogenesis, Function of Lymph System

July 2018   /   BioPhotonics

Multiphoton Microscopy Sets the Standard for Live-Cell Imaging

May 2018   /   Photonics Media

Viewing a Golden Image

February 2018   /   CMM

Gravitational Wave Observatories: Moving from detection to new astronomy

February 2018   /   Novus Light Technologies Today

Ultrafast Optics Faces Challenges Outside of Research Labs

September 2017   /   Photonics Media

2D Spectroscopy Simplified

September 2017   /   Photonics Spectra

New Dalian FEL is World’s Brightest VUV Source (Chinese)

May 2017   /   Laser Focus World China

Multi Laser Array (German)

January 2017   /   EU Photonik

Ted Haensch – Sharing His Unique Perspective on Lasers

January 2017   /   Optik & Photonik

A talk on scientific lasers with a Nobel laureate

January 2017   /   Optik & Photonik

Laser for Optogenetics & Multimodal Microscopy

April 2016   /   Optik and Photonik

Industrial Reliability in Scientific Lasers

January 2016   /   Optik and Photonik

Optogenetics Research Drives New Laser Technologies

June 2015   /   Laser Focus World

Ultrafast Scientific Lasers Undergo an Industrial Revolution

September 2014   /   Laser Focus World

Unique Laser Power Sensor Improves Process Control

July 2014   /   Photonics Spectra

Long-wavelength Lasers Push SHG Toward Preclinical and Clinical Apps

May 2014   /   BioOptics World

Ultrafast Laser Systems are Stepping up to Meet Industry Needs

March 2014   /   Biophotonics

Optogenetics Advances Ultrafast Lasers

  /   Biophotonics

Optogenetics Relies on Multiphoton Microscopy

  /   Imaging and Microscopy

Lasers for Optogenetics and Multimodal Microscopy

  /   Optik and Photonik

Diverse Applications Drive Lasers for Multiphoton Microscopy

  /   Biophotonics

Major Trends in Lasers for Microscopy

  /   Biophotonics

Ultrafast Scientific Lasers Expand on their Legacy

  /   Laser Focus World


Propagation, Dispersion, and Measurement of sub-10 fs Pulses

September 2018   /   Coherent White Paper

Femtosecond Amplifier Provides Turnkey Access to Extreme Operating Regimes

September 2018   /   Coherent White Paper

Ablation of BioPolymers with 193 nm Excimer Pulses

May 2018   /   Coherent White Paper

White Dwarf and Monaco: A Simple, Turnkey Source of <10 fs Pulses

May 2018   /   Coherent White Paper

High Repetition Rate USP Lasers Improve OLED Cutting Results

May 2018   /   Coherent White Paper

Laser Processing of Micro-LED

March 2018   /   Coherent White Paper

New Technology Simplifies 3D Free-form Laser Marking

March 2018   /   Coherent White Paper

Case Study: Excimer Laser Annealing

December 2017   /   Coherent Case Study

Marking Stainless Steel Medical Devices (German)

November 2017   /   Coherent White Paper

USP Lasers Semiconductor Packaging Marking Stainless Steel

November 2017   /   Coherent White Paper

Ultrashort Pulse Lasers Deliver Cleaner Cuts for Semiconductor Packaging

September 2017   /   Coherent White Paper

Marking Stainless Steel Medical Devices

July 2017   /   Coherent White Paper

Mutiphoton Imaging a New Generation of 247 Reliability

February 2017   /   Coherent White Paper

Ahead of the Curve

February 2017   /   Coherent White Paper

Fiber Laser Welding Cuts Costs and Improves Results

January 2017   /   Coherent White Paper

Advances in 193 nm Lasers for Fiber Bragg Grating Manufacturing

September 2016   /   17th International Symposium on Laser Precision Microfabrication

Thin Wafer Laser Debonding Fast and Without Fuss

August 2016   /   Coherent White Paper

THz Research Benefits from Coherent Femtosecond Amplifier Power

October 2015   /   Coherent Case Study

Multi-Wavelength TIRF Enables Actin Filament Insights - Mullins Laboratory, UCSF

September 2015   /   Coherent Case Study

Coherent Laser Cutting Tools Speed Sign Cutting

May 2015   /   Coherent Case Study

Laser Machine Vision Enables Automobile Inspection

April 2015   /   Coherent Technical Paper

Pursuit of New Potential Applications of Glass Materials from 3-D Laser Diffraction Grating Machining

March 2015   /   Coherent Case Study

Excimer Laser Based Solutions for Carbon Composites Cleaning

February 2015   /   Coherent Case Study

Chameleon Ultrafast Laser Reliability Proven in Antarctica Lab

January 2015   /   Coherent Case Study

META Laser Cutting Tool - Schilderfabrik Rudolf Klöckner (German)

December 2014   /   Coherent Case Study

META Laser Cutting Tool - Schilderfabrik Rudolf Klöckner

December 2014   /   Coherent Case Study

Economical High Precision Laser Processing

July 2014   /   Coherent White Paper

Industrial Ultrafast Lasers Enable Precision Microprocessing

July 2014   /   Coherent White Paper

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