Pandemic Updates

Coronavirus (COVID-19) information

Date: June 24, 2020

Coherent is operating with a series of preventative safety measures in effect that reflect government orders and emerging best practices. We are strictly following regional health department guidelines and actively managing this dynamic situation.

Our priorities are 1) the safety of our employees, and 2) maintain our ability to provide the products and services our customers require and when services require physical presence that we provide services in a manner that protects the safety of everyone involved.

This status page will be updated as conditions change.

  • Our business operates with minimal disruption, classified as “essential business” or equivalent.
  • Where required, employees who can work remotely are and this will continue until regional authorities approve the resumption of commercial business occupancy. When approved to re-occupy facilities, we will take a phased approach.
  • Manufacturing readiness is within our normal range.
  • PPE inventory is being tracked rigorously across PPE product categories for all locations. We hold varied inventory levels across locations. All locations hold PPE inventory for employees.
  • Field service is currently impacted by social distancing mandates and state and local “stay at home” or the equivalent “shelter in place” health and safety orders. This affects all regions.
  • Major countries and regions are beginning to open yet cross-border service travel highly restricted. Customer requests for on-site service are evaluated on case-by-case basis.

Our employees have adapted to this new environment with professionalism and determination to continue supporting partners, and our customers. The Coherent COVID operational committee has been monitoring conditions, documenting requirements, and implementing continuity plans, while also updating protocols based on new information and official guidelines, from the beginning of this global crisis.

We will continue to monitor the situation as it remains fluid and will provide updates as they become available.