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Coherent is offering internships this upcoming summer in Santa Clara (CA) and Richmond (CA) in various fields. We are looking for undergraduate and graduate students who are excited to help create enabling technologies that will push the frontiers of science and technology. In just 10 weeks, our interns will be able to make a real impact and help continually take Coherent laser solutions into future generations by working on projects that matter.

The Intern Experience:

In our internship program, you’ll be learning in a supportive environment that guides you to success and prepares you for a potential full-time professional role within the laser and optics industry, through:

  • Purposeful objectives and prospects for future opportunities within and across the business
  • Training modules that build a strong foundation for your professional success through exceptional business, communication, and customer support skills
  • Formal end-of-assignment presentation of your ideas, innovations and experiences to an audience of team leaders and executives
  • Peer-to-peer interchanges where students can share their projects and programs with one another
  • Social events and networking opportunities with team members and experts in the field

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Engineering Finance Human Resources Information Technology Operations
Engineering Finance Human Resources Information Technology Operations


“At Coherent, there is a wealth of learning opportunities. Every person shows genuine encouragement and motivates you to carry out your project to the best of your ability – offering great advice along the way. As a result, I am now much more confident in my abilities and have developed a deep appreciation of laser technology.”
— Zaryab Afzal, Research & Development Opto-Mechanical Laser Engineer
“I really enjoy interning at Coherent, as it has allowed me to understand the challenges that a big company can face and how everyone’s work is valued. I love feeling completely part of this company and enjoy working on my exciting project in the heart of R&D. I learnt a lot during this internship, scientifically, professionally but personally as well and I can’t wait to achieve other projects from start to finish.”
— Hortense Allegre, Research & Development Advanced Solid State Lasers Engineer
“I learned something new every day while working at Coherent. I was responsible for my own projects and I worked closely with professional engineers in and out of the laboratory. Immediately, I felt part of the team and that my work was valued at our weekly meetings. My time at Coherent has not only given me the confidence in taking the next steps in my academic career, but has given me a unique experience in a professional environment.”
— Yvonne Anderson, Saltire Intern
“My internship at Coherent has offered me a great understanding of the Research and Development Group at a prodigious Laser Company by discovering how different business units work together. My project has let me grow on challenges and encourages me to work independently and be innovative. I now know how interesting and varying the work is as a laser engineer can be and that I want to stay in this unit for my future job.”
— Jasna Jaksic, Optics Research & Development Scientific Business Unit Intern
“Working at Coherent was the best introduction to the office environment that I could have ever had. The HR team I worked with gave me the opportunity to do impactful work, teaching me more than I could have ever learned in a classroom. The lessons I learned at this internship are ones that I will remember for life.”
— Stella Rufeisen, HR Web Development Intern
“Before this internship, I had some experience as an engineer and was used to hands on work with applied outcomes. However, I’ve never been given so much responsibility and freedom to create and come up with solutions as I have at Coherent. My internship has given me crucial experience working alongside talented, motivated and passionate individuals which has now driven me to pursue a career in science.”
— Max Trouton, Data Acquisition (Saltire) Intern

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Students Students Students