Azure NX, a 1-watt CW deep UV laserAzure, CW deep UV laser
Azure NX, a 1-watt CW deep UV laser

Azure & Azure NX, CW Deep UV Lasers

The Azure deep UV laser is a compact, low-noise, continuous wave 266 nm source designed for easy integration into an industrial environment.

The newly released model, Azure NX, is a 1 watt CW, deep UV laser with unmatched stability in both frequency and power. The laser features super stable beam parameters, hands-free operation, and 24/7 industrial-grade reliability.

CW Deep UV Lasers for Semiconductor Inspection

  • Easy integration into industrial environments
  • Ideal for next-generation semiconductor inspection techniques, disc mastering or the manufacturing of fiber bragg gratings

The Azure laser emits a wavelength of 266 nm, which allows detection of smaller wafer defects that longer wavelengths miss. And, with its shorter wavelength, the Azure improves disc mastering, allowing CDs and DVDs to have higher information storage density than those produced with traditional 351 nm and 413 nm wavelength lasers.

The Azure features the Sentinel system, an on-board series of automated capabilities that control beam pointing, maintain constant output power at 266 nm, shift the crystal, and relock the cavity. The Sentinel system allows the Azure to operate hands-free for extended periods without compromising its performance.

The Azure uses the field-proven Verdi laser to generate green light (532 nm) that is then frequency-doubled to 266 nm in a resonant enhancement cavity. The Verdi’s ultra-low noise characteristics, stability,



• Laser Inspection
• Wafer and Reticle Inspection
• Fiber Bragg Grating
• semiconductor inspection

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