OBIS CellX Laser beam Combiner OBIS CellX Laser beam Combiner OBIS CellX Laser beam Combiner OBIS CellX Laser beam Combiner
OBIS CellX Laser beam Combiner

OBIS CellX Laser Beam Combiner

Best-in-Class Light Engine Featuring Operational Excellence and Unit-to-Unit Repeatability

OBIS CellX is a compact, easy-to-use laser beam combiner featuring:

  • Three to four wavelengths available to combine 405 nm, 488 nm, 561 nm, and 637 nm
  • Output power available in 50 mW and 100 mW for each wavelength
  • OBIS performance
  • Common power, control and I/O interfaces
  • Individual, user-adjustable steering of each wavelength
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The Ultimate Laser Beam Combiner

The OBIS CellX eliminates integration cost and effort for customers needing multiple excitation wavelengths. As an alternative to using individual lasers with combining and steering to deliver the beam where it’s needed; CellX does all this for you. With high performance, easy integration, low cost, and user-adjustable alignment, the CellX is the universal light engine, making it the perfect laser combiner for instrumentation applications.

CellX Laser 3x50 mW 405, 488, 637 nm 1318680
CellX Laser 4x50 mW 405, 488, 561, 637 nm 1318682
CellX Laser 3x100 mW 405, 488, 637 nm 1318681
CellX Laser 4x100 mW 405, 488, 561, 637 nm 1318683
CellX Laser 1x50 mW 488 nm 1426532
CellX Laser 2x50 mW 488, 637 nm 1426531
CellX Laser 2x50 mW 488, 561 nm 1426530
CellX Laser 2x50 mW 405, 488 nm 1426529
CellX System 4x100 mW 405, 488, 561, 637 nm Developers Kit, includes CellX and all parts below 1323532
Accessory Kit for CellX (Alignment Tools, Interlock Plug, USB Cable, Coherent Connection, User Manual) 1321203
Accessory, Objective Lens, OL10-UV 10 µm Focus, CellX 1365935
Accessory, Objective Lens, OL15-UV 15 µm Focus, CellX 1383130
Accessory, Mount, Front Aperture Objective Holder, CellX 1321963
Accessory, Translation Stage with Mount for Objective Lens, CellX 1321964
Heatsink, Fan-Cooled with Stage Platform Extension, CellX 1323285
Heatsink, OEM, CellX 1315322
Accessory, Control Board, Adjustable Power, CellX 1299911
Accessory, Control Board, Key-Switch, RS-232, Digital/Analog SMB, CellX 1298365
Accessory, Interlock Plug, DB37, CellX 1313160
Accessory, Control Board, 4 Analog Modulation Inputs, RS-232 1323597
Power Supply, OBIS for 6L Remote, CellX, Laser Box 1211389

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