CombiLine Basic Laser Marking System
CombiLine Basic Laser Marking System

CombiLine Basic Laser Marking System

The laser workstations of the series CombiLine Basic are your first choice when you are looking for a compact basic model for a medium batch size.

The CombiLine Basic offers efficient, high-quality laser marking at a very attractive price/performance ratio. The laser workstation accommodates PowerLine laser markers in different power ranges and wavelenghts. A regular single-phased power supply is all you need. The integrated computer controls all system components. Visual-Laser-Marker, a sophisticated, industry proven laser marking software, makes the definition of simple as well as complex marking layouts a breeze. All operating processes are controlled via a 15“ touch screen. The wide, motorized door provides easy access to the spacious working chamber and offers enough room even for marking bulky workpieces. With a motorized z-axis, the marking head position can be precisely adjusted to varying workpiece heights.

  • Spacious working chamber with observation window
  • Programmable Z-Axis
  • Innovative operating concept
  • Space-saving design
  • Selectable laser markers
  • Low investment costs


  • Rotation and linear axes
  • Exhaust unit
  • Foot switch
  • Barcode scanner
  • T-grooved plate
  • Vision Systems
  • Keyboard holder with keyboard
  • Signal lights