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CUBE Lasers

An all-in-one diode laser system with a compact 40 mm by 100 mm footprint. Each CUBE laser system comes with a laser head, power supply, cable, and control box. The system is designed to be one of the easiest to set-up and use. The CUBE delivers the most power, stability, and performance—in the smallest package—with the best value.

  • Compact solid-state package
  • Superior beam quality with M2 ≤1.2
  • Minimal laser output RMS noise ≤0.1%
  • CDRH Class IIIb safety compliance
  • USB and RS-232 control
  • Continuous wave and pulsed up to 150 MHz
  • Analog and digital modulation

CUBE Diode Laser System

For inquiries, please contact tech.sales@coherent.com.

Part Name Description
1112774 CUBE 375-16C System, 375 nm, 16mW, Circular Beam (RoHS)
1142279 CUBE 405-100C System, 405 nm, 100mW, Circular Beam (RoHS)
1069418 CUBE 445-40C System, 445 nm, 40mW, Circular Beam (RoHS)
1174040 CUBE 488-50C System, 488 nm, 50mW, Circular Beam (RoHS)
1069410 CUBE 635-30E System, 635 nm, 30mW, Elliptical Beam (RoHS)
1150205 CUBE 640-100C System, 640 nm, 100 mW, Circular Beam (RoHS)
1069417 CUBE 640-40C System, 640 nm, 40mW, Circular Beam (RoHS)
1130061 CUBE 660-100C System, 660 nm, 100 mW, Circular Beam (RoHS)
1094060 CUBE 660-60C System, 660 nm, 60mW, Circular Beam (RoHS)
1184303 CUBE 685-40C System, 685 nm, 40MW, Circular Beam (RoHS)
1178855 CUBE 730-30C System, 730 nm, 30mW, Circular Beam (RoHS)

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