High-Power CO2 Lasers: DC Series

Laser cutting, laser welding or surface treatment – the diffusion-cooled CO2 Slab laser from Coherent is not only an excellent cutting laser but also the ideal tool for a wide variety of applications. The DC Series CO2 lasers are perfectly suitable not only for the processing of metals but also of wood, plastics – also fiber-reinforced – glass, textiles or paper.

High-Power CO2 Lasers for Cutting, Welding and Surface Treatment

Highest Reliability Lowest Maintenance Effort

The principle of diffusion cooling provides the highest reliability. The laser operates with only a few extremely durable components and does not need conventional gas recirculation – leading to a considerable reduction of maintenance and service. The gas consumption is also minimized: the integrated gas bottle eliminates the need for an external gas supply. Up to the power range of 5 kW, the lasers run with a gas consumption of only 0.1 l/h. Furthermore, the energy-saving standby operation leads to minimal power consumption.

The DC Series Series control offers extended monitoring and control functions, resulting in improved pulse-to-pulse stability, manifold control and log functions including E-Service. For a more comfortable operability, the Coherent DC Series lasers optional mobile operation panel are available, including touch function. With its excellent attributes and high efficiency, the Coherent Slab laser is nowadays a mainstream tool in countless production lines around the world.

The lasers of the DC Series are available in two configurations:

  • Head/cabinet combination – with wall mountable, space-saving control cabinet (45% space-saving) and optional touch panel on the control cabinet for easy operation.
  • Compact version – laser head and control cabinet in one compact unit.

Due to the closed beam path, the DC Series lasers are now also available as integration modules.



• Materials Processing
• Automotive Industry
• Cutting
• Welding
• Stainless Steel
• Metal
• Plastic
• Wood and Derivatives
• Paper
• Ceramic
• Foil
• Glass

Features & Benefits

  • 1,000 W to 8,000 W output power and excellent beam quality M² = 1.05 (K = 0.95)
  • Low service requirements thanks to the robust, low-maintenance design
  • Minimal gas consumption due to diffusion cooling
  • Energy-saving standby operation with minimal energy consumption
  • Configurations: compact version, integration package or head/cabinet combination
  • Highest electrical and optical safety levels according to EN/ISO 13849-1/2
  • Improved pulsing capabilities, manifold control and log functions including E-Service
  • Wall-mountable control cabinet with a small footprint

Technical Data

  • Beam Excitation: RF2
  • Output Power: 1000 W, 1500 W, 2000 W, 2500 W, 3000 W, 3500 W, 4000 W, 5000 W, 6000 W, 8000 W
  • Wavelength: 10.6 µm
  • Beam Characteristic Number: K = 0,95
  • Pulse Frequency for Output Powers up to 4500 W: CW or 2 - 5000 Hz
  • Pulse Frequency for Output Powers of 5000 W and more: CW or 2 - 100 Hz