ExactMark 230 USP Lifting DoorExactMark 230 USP Rotary Table
ExactMark 230 USP Lifting Door

ExactMark 230 USP

Integrated system for corrosion-resistant laser black marking of stainless and aluminum

Automated system incorporating a PowerLine Rapid NX ultrashort pulse laser that simplifies laser black marking

The ExactMark 230 USP is a fully automated system that integrates a picosecond laser marker with precision multi-axis motion hardware and the user-friendly Coherent Laser Framework software suite. The picosecond laser supports corrosion-resistant black marking of stainless steel, titanium and aluminum, as well as precision marking of various plastics. It is particularly well-suited for UDI marking of medical re-usables.

The ExactMark 230 USP is a highly integrated system that combines our PowerLine Rapid NX laser marker and motion hardware together with user-friendly software to produce high-contrast permanent marks on materials such as stainless steel, titanium, aluminum and various plastics. The use of a picosecond laser enables the creation of corrosion-resistant black marking of stainless steels and aluminum based on the creation of a novel light trapping surface. These black marks do not compromise the surface protection and do not fade even after repeated sterilization cycles. This makes the ExactMark 230 USP an ideal system for UDI marking of medical re-usable devices and instruments. The picosecond laser source also enables the ExactMark to mark plastics without thermal damage such as discoloration. The user-friendly Laser Framework software suite simplifies the creation of recipes for marking these products with a library of programs including a 2D graphic editor, a CAD program, Laser Display, 3D Modeler, Laser Parameter Wizard and other configuration tools, all integrated in a single software platform.

Applications include

  • Laser black marking for extremely high-contrast marks
  • Permanent non-corrosive marks
  • Contamination-free sub-surface marks
  • Non-destructive marking of anodized surfaces
  • Plastic marking

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