The Industrial Revolution in Ultrafast Science

Reliability and Performance Enable Your Success

Scientific research is highly demanding and competitive. Obtaining reproducible results is the fastest way to advance your research. A high performance laser with exceptional reliability reduces your cost of data and accelerates your career. With Coherent industrial-grade scientific lasers you can focus on results, publication, and funding.

Join the Industrial Revolution in Ultrafast Science Watch the video to learn more about how Coherent scientific ultrafast lasers are designed and built for industrial-grade reliability.

A Superior Way to Design and Build Ultrafast Lasers

Rigorous Stress Testing

HALT/HASS testing, utilizing our in-house environmental test chamber, drives reliability and lifetime across product lines.

Vertical Integration

In-house production of diodes, crystals, and critical optics ensures the highest level of performance and quality control.

Industrial Laser Experience

Unmatched industrial laser design and manufacturing expertise lets us deliver high-performance scientific lasers with industrial-grade reliability.

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Ultrafast scientific lasers undergo an industrial revolution (Laser Focus World)
By taking advantage of expertise from the world of industrial lasers, ultrafast lasers have become simpler and more reliable, yielding improvements in cost of data and data throughput. Download the PDF >

Industrial Reliability in Scientific Lasers (Optik&Photonik)
How the introduction of HALT / HASS protocols enables the production of scientific lasers with cutting edge performance. Download the PDF >

The Industrial Revolution in Ultrafast Science (Technical Note)
HALT/HASS Protocols, Industrial Expertise and Vertical Integration Drive Advances in Reliability & Lifetime for High Performance Ultrafast Lasers. Download the PDF >

Learn more about Coherent Ultrafast Lasers

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Features & Benefits

​HALT: Highly Accelerated Lifetime Testing to Detect and Rectify Failure Modes

  • HALT testing reveals failure modes during product design phase.
  • HALT testing exceeds normal operating levels, including simultaneous fast temperature changes and 5-axis
  • randomized vibration.
  • HALT testing enables faster correction and improved design margins resulting in increased lifetime and reliability.

HASS: Highly Accelerated Stress Screening to Minimize Operational Failure

  • HASS testing reveals defects during product manufacturing.
  • HASS testing is more rigorous than normal operating conditions but well below HALT conditions.
  • HASS testing is most effective when included in the standard pro duction process

The History of HALT/HASS

In the 1970’s, HALT/HASS testing was originally applied to space-related projects including opto-mechanical and electrical systems. It’s now widely used in aerospace, automotive, medical, and consumer industries. Coherent uses an in-house HALT/HASS to test our industrial lasers as well as to design and build scientific lasers such as Vitara, Astrella, Revolution, and Chameleon.