High-Power Diode LasersHigh-Power Diode LasersHigh-Power Diode LasersHigh-Power Diode LasersHigh-Power Diode LasersHigh-Power Diode Lasers
High-Power Diode Lasers

HighLight DL Series

High-Power Diode Lasers

Easily integrated into production lines and machines, our fiber-coupled, turn-key diode lasers are available in the kilowatt range. The HighLight DL Series are compact, extremely versatile and can be used for a host of materials processing applications.

Fiber-Coupled High-Power Diode Lasers for a Host of Materials Processing Applications

Available in four fiber-coupled versions:

  • The high quality version (HQ)
  • The high-power systems (HP)
  • The high-power rack version (HPR)
  • The high-power all-in-one system (HPS)

Due to its smooth and homogeneous beam profile and high efficiency, the HP version is ideal for brazing, cladding, hardening as well as surface treatment applications.

The HPR version up to 4 kW comes along as a compact 19” rack with integrated power supply, fiber coupling and controller for an even more comfortable integration. Available with turn-key or tailored OEM Configurations it is perfectly suitable for industrial applications such as cladding, heat treatment and brazing.

The HPS System is a platform in which rack type diode laser such as the HPR diode lasers are integrated in combination with a water/air chiller. This All-In-One Laser System with up to 4 kW laser output power offers unmatched convenience and economy for metal processing applications such as cladding, heat treating, brazing and welding.

For keyhole laser welding as well as brazing and surface treatment with higher beam quality requirements, the HQ version is an ideal tool. The wavelength, close to 1 µm, achieves high absorption in many materials and thus ensures best results.

Features & Benefits

  • Output powers: 1000 W - 8000 W
  • Modular and mobile design
  • Diode laser technology with highest energy efficiency
  • Versatile and robust production tool due to wide range processing optics
  • Cooling with clean and filtered tap water


  • Laser cladding
  • Heat treatment
  • Laser brazing
  • 2D/3D additive manufacturing
  • Laser welding
  • Laser hardening
  • Keyhole and heat conduction welding