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Integral laser welding system


The Integral laser welding system features the same integrated user concept as the Select, CNC control and all technical innovations. Its xy table moves workpieces with a maximum weight of 500 kg fast and very precisely.

The Laser Welding System for Large and Heavy Workpieces

The working chamber provides space for objects with an edge length of up to 500 mm.

As an option, the Integral can be made an open system laser class IV workstation and therewith can hold very large workpieces.

The optical system which can be swivelled around 2 axes, allowing processing of perpendicular surfaces, undercuts or deep grooves without turning or tilting the workpiece.

Features & Benefits

  • SweetSpot Resonator®
  • Micro Weld option
  • Touchscreen
  • TrackMode, V-Track
  • Synchronized seam welding
  • Simple seam programming
  • Optics can be swivelled
  • Leica microscope
  • Camera viewing system as an option
  • Integrated exhaust
  • Large working chamber with manual ports
  • Integrated exhaust
  • Integrated water/air cooling, designed for 24/7 operation