MATRIX 1064-10-CW is a diode-pumped, solid-state, continuous wave laser, with output powers of up to 10W at 1064 nm.

Coherent has expanded its highly successful MATRIX series of diode-pumped, solid-state lasers with a new model that delivers 10W of continuous wave power at 1064 nm. This economical, air-cooled laser provides a unique combination of high performance, exceptional lifetime and outstanding reliability.

Solid-State, Continuous-Wave Lasers

MATRIX CW is optimized for cost-sensitive industrial applications with high quality demands as well as challenging scientific experiments that do not allow compromises in laser parameter quality and stability. The lasers are manufactured using Coherent’s PermAlign technology, a special process for optimal adjustment and fixation of optical components by a soldering process. This guarantees best optical alignment and stability over the whole lifetime of the product. For pumping, Coherent’s AAA pump diodes with MTBFs >40,000 hours are applied. The MATRIX lasers are manufactured in cleanrooms and then hermetically sealed. The result is reliable, hands- and maintenance-free operation over thousands of hours. Coherent’s PermAlign technology designed for aligning and soldering optical components.

Features & Benefits

  • Compact, air-cooled design for easy OEM integration
  • Optional water cooling
  • Superior optical performance: excellent beam quality and pointing stability
  • AAA™ (Aluminum-free Active Area) pump diodes for unmatched lifetime
  • Ruggedness and thermal stability: PermAlign™ (= soldered optics) manufacturing
  • Robot-assisted, cleanroom-built and hermetically sealed
  • Years of maintenance-free lifetime

MATRIX CW targets industrial and scientific applications including marking, surface treatment, optical tweezers, and trapping. The key benefits for these applications are:

  • Excellent beam parameters - Fine and micro-processing capabilities; micrometer precision
  • High-power stability and low noise - Process stability and reproducibility
  • Materials processing: no mechanical contact between product and tool - Minimal stress and distortion of the work piece - Reduced danger of work piece damage - No tool wear - Processing of hard, thin and deformable materials (e.g., ceramics, sapphire, flexible circuit boards, etc.)
  • Complete computer control of the machining process (CIM capability, Just-in-Time manufacturing) with respect to the scientific experiment
  • Hands- and maintenance-free operation over thousands of hours