Mephisto MOPA
Mephisto MOPA

Mephisto MOPA

Family of high power (up to 55 W), ultra-narrow linewidth single-frequency lasers.

Ultra-Narrow Linewidth High-Power CW DPSS Laser

A number of applications like atom cooling and trapping require laser powers higher than what the Mephisto platform provides (up to 2 W). In these cases, the most effective approach is to use the exceptional beam properties of Mephisto to seed one or more cascaded amplification stages, resulting in a Master Oscillator Power Amplifier (MOPA) configuration.

Mephisto MOPA laser incorporates a Mephisto S oscillator followed by 1 to 4 stages of power amplification, pumped by fiber-coupled laser diode pump modules. The seed and amplification stages are fully integrated in a single box solution and does not require any mechanical adjustments. Output powers of 8, 25, 42 and 55 W are available.

The higher power versions of the MOPA use an optical isolator to prevent damaging back-reflections into the Mephisto NPRO crystal. Because of the high pump and output powers of Mephisto MOPA, liquid cooling of the laser head is required.

Due to the laser configuration, the properties of Mephisto translate directly into the properties of the high-power beam of Mephisto MOPA (linewidth, stability, frequency tuning). Mephisto MOPA can be tuned over a 30 GHz range and be fine-tuned using temperature and PZT controls of the integrated Mephisto laser.



• Atom Cooling and Trapping
• Gravitational Wave Studies
• Non-Linear Optics Studies
• Quantum Optics Studies
• Spectroscopy

Features & Benefits

Mephisto MOPA
1064 nm
8W, 25W, 42W, 55W
Linewidth (over 100 ms)
~1 kHz
Tuning range
30 GHz
Noise (RIN at f>20 kHz), with noise eater
<-130 dB/Hz

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