PowerLine Prime Series
PowerLine Prime Series

PowerLine Prime Marking Laser

The PowerLine Prime Series is designed to meet the requirements of many standard marking applications. It offers an unmatched mix of economy, mark quality and speed. PowerLine Prime laser markers are based on air-cooled, diode-pumped solid state laser technology and convince through their compact design and easy system integration.

Cost effective laser marking

PowerLine Prime can be configured with an f-Theta lens having either a focal length of 160 nm or 347 mm. Two different models are available. PowerLine Prime 12 delivers a fundamental mode beam, while the PowerLine Prime 15 produces a multi-mode beam. The PowerLine Prime 12 PC is specifically optimized for greyscale marking of plastic cards.

Features & Benefits

• Excellent control of marking quality

• Compact size

• Laser positioning help

• First-pulse suppression feature

• Powerful VLM marking software

• Greyscale marking software (only PL Prime 12 PC)