Rapid LX Image
Rapid LX Image

Rapid LX

Picosecond laser for industrial applications

Industrial Micromachining with Maximum Flexibility and Unsurpassed Profitability

The Rapid LX represents the latest product in a long line of cutting edge industrial picosecond lasers. It is specifically designed to deliver high pulse energies and bursts optimized for cutting brittle materials as well as extremely stable UV pulses for cutting, scribing and drilling applications of highest requirements.

The Rapid LX features single pulse energies of up to 250µJ and high-end features such as PulseEQ so far only available in the HyperRapid NXT product range. It is available as IR and UV model.
The proven design of the Rapid LX provides excellent beam quality and stability over the complete range of repetition rates from single shot to 5 MHz. The PulseEQ feature enables maximum flexibility in process development and helps to vastly increase throughput and process quality for complex industrial applications. The rugged and modular design allows to maintain perfect alignment and performance under all conditions. The small footprint, a one-box design and a well-defined output beam alignment ensure effortless integration. The Rapid LX is backed up with worldwide service support to match the most demanding uptime and cost-of-ownership requirements.



• Glass Cutting and Scribing
• Ceramic Processing
• Micromachining with Industrial Lasers
• Flex Circuit Machining
• Marking & Engraving of Metals