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StingRay Multi-Axis Mount

StingRay Laser Accessories

Accessories for StingRay Lasers

A host of essential accessories supports the Coherent StingRay laser line generator. These accessories provide easy integration and are specifically designed and selected to enable optimum performance.

StingRay Laser Diode Module Accessories

Get the most of your StingRay laser by utilizing one of its many easy-to-integrate accessories. For more information, contact

Part Number Model
1232091 StingRay Power Supply - Laser
1280838 StingRay Multi-Axis Mount
1222896 StingRay Heat Sink Mount
1222894 StingRay Mount Adapter Plate
1231404 StingRay CDRH Safety Remote Kit
1105427 StingRay Power Supply - Remote
1229640 StingRay 12-Pin Hirose Connector

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