Small footprint Rotary Table workstation for marking, cutting and welding applications. As a marking solution, the UW 150 RT is available with all of Coherent’s laser markers, including fiber and air-cooled end-pumped lasers.

UW150RT Highlights:

  • 28” diameter dial plate with indexer, pre-drilled and tapped
  • 2-position rotary with 6” standard baffle
  • Light curtain
  • Screen, fixed at front and top
  • Options: Z-motorized/programmable, Z handle outside of enclosure, Light “gooseneck”

Features & Benefits

UW150RT Processing Advantages:

  • Marking, Cutting, Welding
  • 28” Rotary Table
  • Can be integrated with Coherent’s laser sources
  • Ergonomic Design and Small Footprint
  • Flexible Configuration
  • Excellent Value and Quick Delivery