optically pumped semiconductor laser, sapphire laserHigh Power CW Laser High Power CW Laser  green continuous wave laser, compass 115MMini Continuous Wave Laser Diode Module
optically pumped semiconductor laser, sapphire laser

CW Solid State Lasers

CW Solid State Lasers Products

A complete portfolio of continuous wave lasers ranging in wavelength from the deep UV to the far IR, and power levels from a few mW’s up to multiple Watts.

  • OBIS Lasers - Compact UV, visible, and near-IR lasers with modulation features.
  • Sapphire Lasers - Continuous wave lasers available in free space, fiber pigtailed, and single frequency versions from 458 nm to 594 nm up to 500 mW.
  • Genesis Lasers - Continuous wave lasers available from 355 nm to 1154 nm with powers up to 10 W.
  • Verdi Lasers - Powers up to 20 W at 532 nm.
  • Compass 115M - Continuous wave green lasers from 5 mW to 20 mW.
  • Azure - The Azure & Azure NX deep UV lasers are compact, low-noise, CW 266 nm sources for easy integration into an industrial environment.
  • Mephisto Lasers - Ultra-narrow linewidth CW lasers providing ultimate low noise performance for both scientific and instrumentation applications.
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What is a CW Laser?

A continuous wave (CW) laser is any laser that can emit light continuously. CW lasers are used in diverse scientific, medical and commercial applications. The majority of these applications involve imaging, spectroscopy, sensing (interrogation) or signaling. These applications depend on the unique spatial and spectral brightness of laser light. Many of these lasers save costs by featuring direct modulation.