Excimer Laser Energy MaxSensorsExcimer Laser EnergyMax Sensors
Excimer Laser EnergyMax Sensors

Excimer Laser EnergyMax Sensors

Key Features:

  • Unique MaxUV coating delivers increased damage threshold, long term UV exposure resistance and high repetition rate operation
  • Operate over the 190 nm to 2.1 µm range
  • Enable pulse energy measurements from 50 µJ to 250 mJ
  • Measure single shot to 400 Hz repetition rate
  • Spectral compensation characteristics built into each unit
  • Onboard sensors provide automatic temperature compensation

EnergyMax Performance Advantages:

  • Superior damage resistance
  • High repetition rate operation
  • Large dynamic range gives each sensor broad coverage
  • Low noise and excellent linearity for greater accuracy
  • Large active area

EnergyMax Convenience Features:

  • High accuracy, spectral compensation characteristics built into each unit
  • Onboard sensors provide automatic temperature compensation
  • Modular heat sinks to extend measurement range
  • Compact size to enable measurements within instruments
  • Molded cable with bend and strain relief protects against rough handling

Coherent Excimer Laser EnergyMax sensors are specifically optimized for use with ArF lasers operating at 193 nm and with KrF lasers at 248 nm. Excimer Laser EnergyMax Series sensors feature high accuracy and large active area (up to 50 mm), and utilize a novel coating that delivers superior long-term damage resistance.

The Excimer Laser EnergyMax Series comprises four different models, two that are optimized for operation at 193 nm and two that are intended for 248 nm (although all models are capable of producing accurate measurements throughout the UV, visible and near IR). These sensors utilize our new MaxUV coating,which delivers high damage threshold at deep UV wavelengths, as well as excellent resistance to long-term UV exposure, and enables operation at repetition rates of up to 400 Hz. These sensors utilize the MaxUV coating, which delivers high damage-resistance at deep UV wavelengths and resistance to drift with long-term UV exposure.

Excimer Laser EnergyMax Series products are also “smart” sensors, and incorporate onboard electronics to automatically correct for ambient temperature, as well as built-in wavelength compensation factors. These sensors are compatible with Coherent LabMax-TOP, 3sigma, FieldMaxII-TOP, FieldMaxII-P, EPM1000 and EPM2000 meters. These sensors are compatible with Coherent LabMax-Pro SSIM, LabMax-TOP, FieldMaxII-TOP and FieldMaxII-P meters. USB and RS232 enabled models are also available.

All Excimer sensors accept an optional heatsink, which can be easily attached by the user to extend the maximum energy or average power range. Specifically, these heat sinks allow the J-25MUV-193 & -248 sensors to be used up to 18 W average power, and the J-50MUV-193 & -248 sensors to be used up to 43 W average power (both at 193 nm).

The table outlines the average power handling capability when the sensors are used with optional user installable heat sinks.


  • EnergyMax Small heatsink (1123430)
  • EnergyMax Medium heatsink (1123431)
  • EnergyMax Large heatsink (1123432)

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