PowerMax-Pro 15mm OEM Sensors15 mm OEM Sensors
PowerMax-Pro 15mm OEM Sensors

PowerMax-Pro 15mm OEM Sensors

Fast OEM laser power detector enables process control for narrow process windows. test

For embedded use in precision materials processing systems requiring constant laser power monitoring.

The PowerMax-Pro OEM laser power sensor with large active area, fast response, and high power capacity offer advantages over the semiconductor detectors commonly used for continuous inline monitoring applications. In addition to unassembled OEM detectors, Coherent offers fully assembled and calibrated “developer’s kit” sensors. This configuration can be used as a fast, low power sensor or by engineers to facilitate the design process.

PowerMax-Pro 15mm OEM Sensors

fast compact OEM laser power meter
The PowerMax-Pro OEM utilizes Coherent’s patented transverse thermoelectric detector technology which combines a fast response speed with the broadband wavelength coverage, large detection area, dynamic range and laser damage resistance of a thermopile. This enables PowerMax-Pro to offer a higher performance and cost competitive, alternative to photodiodes, which commonly have small active areas and require optical attenuation and complex pre-amplification for onboard power measurement in precision materials processing systems.

The PowerMax-Pro is particularly useful with CO2 lasers, where its high power handling capability, large active area (15 x 15 mm²), and broadband spectral response deliver fast, accurate, and low noise measurements. Plus it eliminates the expense and complexity of the optical attenuators, preamps, and TE coolers often required with photodiodes. It is also well matched for nearly instantaneous power measurement of industrial ultrashort pulse lasers.

Typical applications include aesthetic medical systems, precision micromachining systems used in microelectronics manufacturing (e.g. via drilling), solar cell fabrication, medical device production, and various tasks in converting/packaging.

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